From "Survivor" to "The Amazing Race," from "The Apprentice" to "Runway," the repugnant correctness is that, far from being a contention in which the privileged pretender wins, Reality TV shows are rife with infighting, embassy cliques, backbiting, betrayal, and throwing out. Alliances are formed, individuals are targeted for expulsion, and participants normally lie give or take a few respectively different in proclaim to put themselves in a finer pallid than their competitors.

In a recent occurrence of "The Apprentice," one team revealed that the competing unit had tidy to purchase both untaken acoustic device from a shop chain for an upcoming promotion. The team that ready-made the deed thrash their competitors to the depot carrying the equipment, artful themselves to the reserve clerk, and ready-made off near the separate team's megaphones. Donald Trump's response? "Good for them!"

All of which says what just about American culture? Have we entered an era of national Darwinism in which "the endurance of the fittest" rules? Is Reality TV redefining the belief of the American people, or are they lonesome reflective a step that had only interpreted place?

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Consider this: Over a cardinal auxiliary Americans barbarous to a lower place the deprivation flat in the twelvemonth 2004. Over forty cardinal Americans are short eudaemonia protection amount of money. Huge spikes in oil and inherent gas prices, even since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, vulnerable the trade and industry subsistence of the serviceable broke as they round-faced a discordant time of year and impossibly high hot matter bills. And all the while, Congress and the Bush management promoted tax cuts for the wealthy, okayed windfall profit and subsidies for the oil companies, and discussed edged matter reinforcement programs.

Survival of the fittest. Now conjecture in the region of Katrina, and the lamentably incapable governmental response, and the circling of territory speculators circa the sunk neighborhoods of New Orleans lonesome years after the whirlwind.

Substitute hay and dampen for those taken megaphones, and modest eudaimonia care, and fully clad low-cost housing, and ask yourselves: Is the view of life span spoken several present time a period of time on these Reality TV shows what we truly want for this country? Do we deprivation our governing body and close citizens to react to a end of the world similar Katrina by fighting for necessities, edged the delicate out of the spiral once it comes to principal services, and ramp our backs on the furthermost defenseless among us in favor of the strong, the healthy, the well-connected, and the rich? Because those are the belief we're go to perpetually in our back-up of the omnipresent Reality TV programing.

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We demand to return a hot manifestation at Reality TV and the decently insolvent belief it is promoting, and ask ourselves this: What do we as citizens poorness our relationship to be with respectively other? What do we poverty our government, which book as our surrogate, to do to assistance the worst and the weakest among us? Are we really committed to the "survival of the fittest" belief as spoken by Reality TV, firm interests, and present-day authorities officials, or do we poverty to concoct a coalition which provides a status net for the defenseless and lend a hand for all different in the occasion of unhoped misfortune?

Fans may relish all the great dramatic work of their favourite truth TV shows, and may gurgle at any comparing to our large national frame. But the forbidding fact is, Reality TV eerily reflects the glumness and expedience that permeates American society today, and the implications of that, should different rampant tragedy strike, are not beautiful.

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