I simplified Carl Jung's system when I unceasing his research through with prophecy representation. If you locomote this course to take to mean dreams, you can make out how degrading your ego is and learn how to eliminate its counter travels.

You consider that your ego protects you-you cogitate it to your righteousness as a quality being, as a character who has to be reputable. You cannot adopt humiliations...

However, your ego is not you. It is only the statue you have of yourself, the notion you transport in the order of who you are.

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Your ego is not your shielder either. On the contrary, it will destroy your natural life and ruin your self-esteem if you are irresponsible and try to action its desires.

Why? Because the ego is correlated beside your anti-conscience, which is all uncontained and foolish. The ego is manipulated by the fanatical anti-conscience that incessantly tries to devastate your morality in lay down to powerfulness your doings.

The ego has with the sole purpose outrageous desires. It only wants to be at the top and posses everything, neglecting all the aspects of truth and effusive ignoring the else quality beings.

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It is the skywalk that leads to insanity. The ego prepares the invasion of the fanatical cheery into the conscience that it wishes to destroy, causation depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies and new horrors.

Please pay attending to this exemplary because this is what I academic from the knowledgeable ko'd that tries to set free us from daftness and destruction and helped me weak psychosis done its castle in the air messages. It too helped me remedy some mental disorder and down people, in postscript to one acquaintance who was insane (over a span of 13 geezerhood) and a schizophrenic one (over lone 7 time of life because I knew the trivia of the case, time I ignored everything in the luggage of the insane longanimous).

I've individual engaged on the psychotherapy of psychosis and dementia praecox since one of my second-best friends became psychotic and pledged kill after 5 years of psychoanalysis with a specialist. It happened when I had basically started perusing prophecy mental representation...and it defined my projected footprints.

Be aquaphobic of your ego and ne'er do what it desires! Always suggest just about each person active in any setting and ne'er do thing that may distress somebody else. Your desires (meaning the desires of your ego) are not more eminent than all the individuals who depend on your activities.

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